2014 Top 20 Most Beautiful Scenery Photo Wallpaper

By | March 7, 2014

Are you looking for beautiful scenery images as wallpaper? Beautiful scenery photo must be the favourite topic for your wallpaper. As the dedicated wallpaper site, we selected the below 20 top ranking scenery images wallpapers which has good quality and traffic. Each one has resolution over 1920*1080, which could be used as photo design stuff and typographical design. Of course, each one is totally free download.

Just click the thumb, then get the detailed beautiful scenery big images. Download and save it !

NO.1  Blue sky, long distance hill and dark blue lake map the forests. HD 1920*1080
Keywords:  forest lake sky scenery photos
Cabins Lake Whitney Wallpapers For Windows 7 Free
NO.2  Love in azure blue sky, heart to heart sign created with clouds in the dark blue sky!  HD 1920*1080
Keywords: natural sceneries with cloud, love scenery wallpapers
wallpaper of natural scenery-blue sky and white clouds,click to download
NO.3  Snow mountain, blue sky, deep green lake and the deep green forest with a little village, that is too shocking scenery images.  HD 3072*2048
Keywords: natural sceneries with snow mountain lake
Scenery,switzerland,shwyz,morschach,landscape,switzerland Wallpaper In Pc Computer
NO.4  About most beautiful scenery photo, there must exists sea!  Shocking your eye with the deep deep blue sea and sky, and there is no border between the calm saea and the blue sky with slight cloud.   HD 1920*1080
Keywords: natural sea sceneries photo
Free Scecery Wallpaper - The Most Impressive for Its Color, a Good Combination of the Sea and the Sky!,click to download
NO.5  I was impressed by the magnificent super wide waterfall landscape! Cloud, sky and shrub zone.  HD 1920*1200
Keywords: wide waterfall magnificent sceneries
click to free download the wallpaper--Natural Scenery Wallpaper - Magnificent and Wide Waterfall, the Incredibly Blue Sky, Combine Quite a Scene
NO.6   Snow mountain is a unique scenery! that will purify the state of mind after day’s hard work.  HD 8876*5895! very large big size raw photo!
Keywords: snow mountain wallpaper
Photo Download Free Slope,panorama,landscape,mountains,winter Scenery,snow Mountains
NO.7 Unique vegetation covers the ridge, and the blue sky merges the distant mountains together. Beautiful landscape wallpaper!
Keywords: green mountain view scene wallpaper
Hd Wallpaper For Desktop Background Drawing Of Landscape Scenery
NO.8   Amazing picture of an isolated waterfall and full eye of green scene. Blue sky and green coconut tree
Keywords:  sky waterfall scene
click to free download the wallpaper--Amazing Pic of Nature Landscape, an Isolated Waterfall, Full Eye of Green Scene
NO.9   Black night gives me the black eye. Under the magical moonlight, snow mountain maps in the lake.
Keywords: moon scene wallpaper
click to free download the wallpaper--Free Wallpapers and Backgrounds, Moonlight Night, Generating Soft Pure Light on the Peaceful Sea
NO.10  Whatever scene you like, forest and grass is the most popular scene. Rain falling plants are with water drops.
Keywords: beautiful forest photo wallpaper
click to free download the wallpaper--Beautiful Scenes of Nature, a Rain Falling, Plants Are with Waterdrops, Fallen Leaves, Autumn Forest

The above 10 scenery images are mainly about waterfall, snow mountain and lake. Then the next 10 scene photos will focus on forest, grass, plant, evening and animal. Easy download more Most Beautiful Scenic Wallpapers 2014 here!

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