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Free Scenery Wallpaper – Includes a Cute and Emotional Bear, Holding a Christmas Gift!

This free scenery wallpaper includes a bear that holds a gift box. Somebody is sending him a Christmas gift. Look at the bear, he simply can’t put the box down, and you can see from his facial expression that he appreciates it so much. Also, he is in a really lovely pose. What a cute [...]

Free Wallpaper of Two Bears

This free wallpaper comes with two bears and a duck. Judging from their facial expression, you bet that all of them are in a happy mood. Also, all of them are in a cute design. Look at their body gesture, one of the bear is pushing the other in a sofa, and the duck is [...]

Free Wallpaper Of A Lovely Bear

This is a wallpaper of a cute bear, from this wallpaper you can’t see anything but a lovely bear with a red hairy heart in the hug, however,it looks so lovely and sweet for your computer if you a fan of hairy bear.What a lovely wallpaper it is!

Free Wallpaper Of Baby: A Cute Baby Holding A Teddy Bear

From the wallpaper we can see a so happy baby with big sweet smile, and the teddy bear lying in his hug is sleeping quietly,what a lovely wallpaper it is!

Wallpaper Of Baby: A Cute Pink Baby Yawning In The Hug Of Stuffed Bear

So lovely picturre os baby: a little baby dressed in pink is yawning in the big white stuffed bear”s embrace, the snowhite blanket and the white bear make the cute baby more lovable!

Wallpaper Of Lovely Bear In Flowers

This picture takes the colorful flowers as its background, and brings out a yellow cute bear flying in the sky, what”s more fuuny is there are several butterflies and bees smelling the flowers near the bear.

Free Wallppaer: Cute Polar Bear

A lovely baby polar bear is drinking Cola happily, his mother is looking into the distance behing his baby, what”s interesting is that there is another bear in the water is looking at the Cola in the baby baer”s hand, how funny it is!