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Free Scenery Wallpaper – Includes a Cute and Emotional Bear, Holding a Christmas Gift!

This free scenery wallpaper includes a bear that holds a gift box. Somebody is sending him a Christmas gift. Look at the bear, he simply can’t put [Read More…]

Free Wallpaper Of A Lovely Bear

This is a wallpaper of a cute bear, from this wallpaper you can’t see anything but a lovely bear with a red hairy heart in the hug, however,it loo [Read More…]

Free Wallpaper Of Baby: A Cute Baby Holding A Teddy Bear

From the wallpaper we can see a so happy baby with big sweet smile, and the teddy bear lying in his hug is sleeping quietly,what a lovely wallpape [Read More…]

Wallpaper Of Baby: A Cute Pink Baby Yawning In The Hug Of Stuffed Bear

So lovely picturre os baby: a little baby dressed in pink is yawning in the big white stuffed bear”s embrace, the snowhite blanket and the white [Read More…]

Wallpaper Of Lovely Bear In Flowers

This picture takes the colorful flowers as its background, and brings out a yellow cute bear flying in the sky, what”s more fuuny is there are se [Read More…]

Free Wallppaer: Cute Polar Bear

A lovely baby polar bear is drinking Cola happily, his mother is looking into the distance behing his baby, what”s interesting is that there is a [Read More…]