Free Tall Buildings landscape computer wallpaper: the Tallest Architects All Over the World

By | July 29, 2013

If you are looking for tall and majestic buildings as wallpaper, then you have come to just the place. Introduced here are top ten tall buildings in the world, you bet the images attached will look good and fit various digital devices.

If you find them proper and good, make sure you will spread the word and make the tall buildings photo album known.

No.1 Burj khalifa in Dubai, the Final Height Remains a Mystery, Yet Will Surely be the Number 1

Burj Dubai Tower Photography
Dubai Burj Khalifa’s construction work started in September 21st, the estimated height is 2684 feet, 189-195 floors, hard to believe, isn’t it?

No.2 Taipei 101 Tower, Stands Out for Being Green and Tall, the Second Tallest Tower

Taipei 101 Photography Album
Taipei 101 Tower has great green advantage, it accomplishes energy conservation and recycling function transformation, the energy consumption is usually reduced by 30%.

No.3 Swimming Pool at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, the World’s Highest Swimming Pool

Hong Kong Ritz-Carlton Hotel Swimming Pool
Ritz Carlton Swimming Pool locates in Hong Kong international business center, it has 1607 feet in height. Opening in March 2011, it enables the tourists to see the real beauty of Victoria harbor.

No.4 Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers, the Day Scene

Petronas Towers Image
Petronas Towers is completed in 1998, it has totally 88 floors and the height of 1483 feet. Petronas Towers is so far the tallest twin tower in the world.

No.5 Sears Tower, Located in Chicago, the tallest building in USA

Sears Tower, the Tallest Building in America
Sears Tower is completed in 1973, has the height of 1450 feet. What’s more, Sears Tower used to keep the tallest building record for over 20 years, it is outstanding building!

No.6 Jin Mao Tower, One of the Symbols of Shanghai, the Tallest Building in Civil China

Shanghai Jin Mao Tower
Jin Mao Tower is 1380 feet in height, has totally 88 floors. Its spire reaches to the sky, like the blooming magnolia.

No.7 International Finance Centre, the Tallest Tower in Hong Kong, One if Its Symbols

International Finance Centre in Hong Kong-1
International Finance Centre is located in Hong Kong, it is 1362 feet in height, completed in 2003, and it replaces Wan chai’s central plaza to be the No.1 in Hong Kong.

No.8 Guangzhou Citic Plaza, One of the Tallest Buildings in China, the Up Street

Guangzhou Citic Plaza Photo Album
Guangzhou Citic Plaza has 80 floors, and it is 1283 feet in height, is indeed tall and impressive building.

No.9 Shun Hing Square, the Third in China and the World’s Eighth Tallest Building

Shenzhen Shunxing Square Image
Shun Hing Square locates in Shenzhen, completed in 1996, it is 1260 feet in height. Also, Shun Hing Square is the tallest “Steel” building in China.

No.10 The Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction

The Empire State Building, the Tallest Building
The Empire State Building has the height of 1250 feet, 102 floors, it is located in the best place, the commercial, financial and insurance institutions center.

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