Free high quality dog wallpaper: the Most Favored Dogs in the World

By | July 29, 2013

Looking for much favored and cute dogs as wallpaper? Then you can put searching into an end. The following are ten famous and favored dogs image with huge traffics. The pictures boast of their high resolution, which makes them qualify as graphic design resource or HD wallpaper.

It is high time that you click the thumb and get the detailed most favorable dog images, don’t forget to save them!

No.1 Australian Cattle Dog, the Energetic, Stamina, and Versatile

Australian Cattle Dog Pictures, Mouth Half Open, Sharp Teeth, Are You Scared?

    Australian Cattle Dog is brave and witty, has profound guard ability. In a word, it is an ideal working dog.

No.2 Border Collie Dogs, the Smartest Puppy, Deserve High Favor and Popularity

German Shepherd Dog, the Smartest Puppy, Easily Understand the Master’s Meaning

    Border Collie Dogs stand out typically for being smart, it knows the order by observing the master, the same smart as a kid aged between 6-8.

No.3 German Shepherd Dogs, Versatile and Fulfill Pretty All Tasks

German Shepherd Picture

    German Shepherd Dog is good at almost everything, yet it is hard to train. However, once It takes you as master, it stays around and comforts no matter what happens.

No.4 German Pinscher Puppy, Strong and Imposing, Unique and Impressive Character

German Pinscher Taking a Rest-1

    German Pinschers are strong and powerful, they work quite well as guards. Also, they are sensitive, decisive and good at biting.

No.5 Adorable Poodle Outdoor, Versatile and Decent, Easy to Get in Touch

Mini Poodle Photography

    Poodle puppies are black, white, blue, brown, silver, and etc., yet limited to monochrome, full of decent and noble behavior.

No.6 Cute Papillion Puppy, Small and Cute, the Best Option for Pet Dogs

Sleeping Papillon Dog Pictures

    Papillion Puppies are small and beautiful, they are much favored by young and beautiful ladies. Papillion Puppy is easy to get in touch, one of the most tender and intelligent dogs.

No.7 Golden Retriever Wallpaper, the Most Loyal and Friendly Family Dog

Playful Golden Retrievers by Seaside

    Golden Retrievers are gentle and soft when they bit, they love playing with the master the best. Also, golden retrievers are quite swimmers!

No.8 Labrador Retriever Dogs, Gentle, Intelligent, Obedient, Have Strong Desires to Please the Master

Golden Labrador Retriever Dog

    Labrador Retriever Dogs are gentle by nature, the same as golden retrievers and huskies, they have no signs of attack, one of man’s best friends.

No.9 Beautiful Rottweiler Puppy Wallpaper, Outstanding for Being Fast and Strong, Smart and Easy to Get in Touch

Black Beautiful Rottweiler

    Rottweiler Puppies are quite on alert, they do well in protection, they are aggressive, when they bite, the force is severe. Rottweiler Puppies have high levels of liability.

No.10 Shetland Sheep Dogs, Loyal, Enthusiastic, and Obedient, Long and Beautiful Fur

Papillon Dog Picture

    Shetland Sheep Dogs have long and lots of fur, once they take a place as home, it is not easy for them to change the mind.

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